Artist Statement - Jayne Braxton Fine Art

Jayne Braxton Fine Art

Jayne Ford Braxton

As an artist, I'm always aware of my surroundings and the desire to convey those impressions through my art. My passion lies in the desire to express visual and sensory interpretations through color and design. Nature and its constant transformation provide endless subject matter for exploration on paper and canvas. Personal expression through intuitive painting speaks a language uniquely mine and the use of mixed media provides the opportunity to communicate through texture, shape and brushwork.

On another level, my work with farm animals and pets offers the opportunity to capture their personalities and their spirits. Animals have individuality, intelligence and even express humanness that can jump out of a painting. Those quirks, devotions and charismas draw me always. Being able to put them on canvas is a joy and a privilege and a way of promoting kindness and awareness in this world.

Photo courtesy of Mooresville Weekly

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